Testimonials Thank you so much. It's beautiful! I've received several compliments already.
Monica P., Charlotte, N.C.
I bought a pair of earrings as a gift to my daughter. I loved the craftsmanship and quality. She thought they were cool. Thank you so much.
Sue G, Port Charlotte, FL
"Marilyn's creations are one of a kind!!! I have given them as gifts to raves!!! The pieces are unique and exquisite and best of all, made with the utmost quality & care
Erika A., Punta Gorda FL"
Over the past two years, I have purchased over a dozen creations by Witt's Wires and have been exceptionally pleased with the quality and price of each item. The service has always been speedy and I will continue to purchase from this site for all my gifts to friends and to myself!
Jeanne A - Punta Gorda, Fl
Swarovski Floating Crystal Necklace
Handmade ChainsHandmade ChainsHandmade Chains Swarovski Floating CrystalsSwarovski Floating CrystalsSwarovski Floating Crystals 14K GF/SS Bracelets14K GF/SS Bracelets14K GF/SS Bracelets 14K GF Wire Sculpted Cameo14K GF Wire Sculpted Cameo14K GF Wire Sculpted Cameo
14K GF Wire Wrapped Pendants14K GF Wire Wrapped Pendants14K GF Wire Wrapped Pendants SS Sculpted Wire CameoSS Sculpted Wire CameoSS Sculpted Wire Cameo SS Wire Wrapped PendantSS Wire Wrapped PendantSS Wire Wrapped Pendant Christmas JewelryChristmas JewelryChristmas Jewelry
SS Bangle Bracelet

The one stop shop for all your jewlery needs.  You will never need another store for your unique handmade wire jewelry needs again!  Witt's Wires offers a full line of 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver jewelry. Featuring HAND MADE 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver wire wrapped jewelry, SCA Chainmaille and other handcrafted items.   Please be sure to check back often for new items

Every piece of my HANDMADE wire wrapped jewelry is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of handcrafted wire jewelry. Creating Wire Jewelry is more of a challenge, as it is held together only by the wires. The wires are twisted, bent and cut, using only the skill of your hands and basic tools of pliers, wire cutters and ruler.

The wire used in designing jewelry may be from many different alloys such as gold, sterling silver, brass, and copper. Its strength can be soft, medium, or hard.

I take pride in creating my unique hand crafted wire jewlery and hope you will find something in my collection that you like. I look forward to doing business with you.

One of a kind handmade jewelry

We have unique handcrafted jewelry and handmade wire wrapped jewelry. If you have been looking for wire wrapped jewelry, SCA chain maille or hand made wire jewelry you have come to the right place. Take a look around our site and find the fine wire jewelry that best suits your style and needs. We invite you to click on any link to find more information on all of our jewelry.