About the Wire we use for our Handmade jewelry
Here is an overview of the kinds of wire we use to sculpt our handcrafted jewelry.

 Sterling Silver Wire:  We use only Sterling Silver grade wire for sculpting.  It has a purity level of 92.5% silver.  This shiny metal makes wonderful jewelry and will last for years to come.  It particularly compliments darker gemstones and related materials as it makes for a wonderful contrast.  Sterling Silver wire lends itself beautifully to being sculpted as you will see if you check out our catalog of items.   

About 14kt Gold Filled
Gold-Filled (1/20) consists of a highly durable layer of at least 10-karat gold PERMANENTLY bonded by heat and pressure to a support alloy metal.  It is then rolled or drawn to a prescribed thickness.  The gold is a minimum of 1/10 of the total metal content, by weight.  This is NOT gold-plate - rather it has significant more gold (100 times) than gold-plate.  Most items made of gold-filled will last for generations, if treated and cared for as fine gold.  It is nearly impossible to distinguish top quality 14K gold-filled wire from 14K gold wire.  Gold Filled jewelry is NOT costume jewelry, but rather fine jewelry that can be worn beautifully for a lifetime.  It wears like 14K gold because its outer layer is 14K gold.  I back up all of my gold-filled jewelry by a lifetime guarantee against tarnish (If cared for properly - see instructions below).

Caring for gold-filled jewelry is simple.  Minimize exposure to salt water, chlorine, soap and perspiration by wiping carefully with a soft cloth frequently to clean and remove those elements which can cause oxidation.

Allergies:  People who have allergies to anything other than 14K gold, usually have no problem with 14K gold-filled.  Only 2 people out of thousands have complained about being allergic, so the ratio is pretty low.  If you do have problems, contact me, I will refund you no questions asked.